RP4 Lab is located at the HiLASE Centre.

HiLASE is a part of the Czech Academy of Sciences and is located in Dolní Břežany:

HiLASE Centre

Za Radnicí 828

252 41 Dolní Břežany

Tel.: (+420) 314 007 700

How to visit us?

METRO C + BUS 333/331
  • From Metro line C, metro stop “Kacerov”, buses 333 and 331 are going to HiLASE (price: 24 CZK).
  • Get off at the following bus stop: Dolní Břežany, Obecní úřad. Buses frequency is 30 min – 1h. Schedule is synchronized on Google Maps.
TRAM 17 + BUS 341

If you are lucky enough to have your stay close to the river, then we would recommend to enjoy the trip to our lab using:

  • Tram 17 until Nadrazy Modrany
  • then to catch the Bus 341 (~ 1 per hour), which goes through the nice forest.
  • Get off at Dolní Břežany, Obecní úřad.
  • Über taxis are operating between Prague and Dolni Brezany. Cost is usually from 300 CZK to 600 CZK per trip.

Recommendable accommodations

HiLASE Centre is in close to Prague city center. Hence, you may book an hotel in the center and commute (~ 1h / trip). Closer accommodations are listed below.

Short term stays
  • 2 min from HiLASE Centre, from 1425 CZK/night (~43’000 CZK/month)
    Olivuv Pivovar (https://www.olivuvpivovar.cz/en)
  • 2 min from HiLASE Centre, 1540- CZK/night (~ 46’200 CZK/month).
    Hotel Clara Futura (www.clarafutura.cz).
  • 19 min from HiLASE Centre (by bus No. 341), 1230 CZK/night (~ 36’900 CKZ/month).
    PENZION AUROOMS 4 stars, Na Drahách 224, Zlatníky, 252 41 (http://aurooms.cz/en/, and bookable on Booking.com).
  • 1h from HiLASE Centre: 1850 CZK per night / ~ 55’000 CZK per month.
    PENZION PALOUCEK 3 stars,  Petra Rezka 1723/1a, Prague, 140 00.
    Website: http://www.penzionpaloucek.cz/en/
Middle term stays
  • 30-40 min from HiLASE Centre, 20’000 – 45’000 CZK per month.
    For renting during 30 days in/close to Prague, we warmly recommend to look for Flat on www.booking.com. First estimations from basic prices for 1 month in Prague yields ~20’000 – 40’000 CZK (~780-1500 EUR). Highly advisable places are located between Výtoň and Nádraží Modřany. A must for sauna, sport, river and stressless access to the HiLASE laboratory.
  • 1h from HiLASE Centre, 9’000-11’000 CZK per month.
    HOTEL MAZANKA (north-east of Prague)
    This hotel is providing guest service for the Academy of Sciences. It should be booked via the HiLASE Centre. Website: http://www.hotel-mazanka.cz/ubytovani/.
    Price for 1 month is ~ 9000 CZK (~350 EUR) or ~11 300 CZK (~440 EUR) in case they only have double rooms left.
    NOTE: It must be booked in advance (5 months in advance is adequate).
  • 1h from HiLASE Centre
    HOSTEL LADVI (north-east of Prague)
    Website: http://hostelprahaladvi.cz/index.php?obsah=booking&jazyk=en